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Multiliteracies: Week One (second part)

Posted by Mariel Amez on January 20, 2009

On Sunday, I had the chance of taking part of the “informal discussion” with Vance. I can’t believe the generosity of all the experts involved. So many interesting perspectives and experiences…

Then I watched the playback session with Kim Cofino. Joel describes the “evangelical nature of the discussion“. Working at a large institution as he does, he is used to ample resources. I believe resources are extremely important, and can make a lot of difference. Yet, if we check out Rosa’s video, we will see they are not the only answer.

At the Teacher Training College (state-funded) where I work, only in 2008 did we have about 15 computers with Internet connection on the premises. We have about 2000 students. I had started work with Yahoo Groups two years earlier, relying on sts’ home or café access, but it is clearly not the same. Another issue: my salary only covers “classroom” hours. Everything else, I do after midnight or on Sundays. By September (classes end in mid-November) the National Ministry granted us access to a commercial platform : the idea is good, the implementation lousy. I know, I should have known better. But institutional support is limited at best.

Ramblings of the early hours of the morning. Are they?


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