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Multiliteracies: Week Two

Posted by Mariel Amez on January 20, 2009

I’m overwhelmed. I’m lost.  It’s 3 am (thank God we are on holiday) and I cannot begin to imagine how these webheads manage to get at least a few hours’ sleep. I tried some of the links in the participants’ pages, went deeper and deeper, found so much great material, started a wiki for my FCE class starting in March, explored the evo2009mlit tag on delicious, read one of the articles….

Another issue. I’m a very private person. And a control freak. Both are clearly incompatible with this. What am I going to do?

Let’s try to get sth in black and white. I read the article Folksonomies. Tidying up Tags? I have experienced some of the problems mentioned while tagging on Delicious: plural vs singular; linking of compound words. And that’s only my own tags. A further issue. I decided to tag in Spanish for sites in Spanish, and in English for those in that language. But it doesn’t really work, as it doesn’t really matter to me which language the info is in, and I’m narrowing my perspective. I have to sort this out.

As regards “hegemony of popular tags” vs “loss of valuable metadata”, I believe some education might help. Instructions such as “use just nouns in the plural”, “for compounds use underscore” (I haven’t been consistent in either case), “don’t use capitals” would not amount to transforming a creole into the Queen’s English. Another issue is Page names. When they are not provided automatically, we are not consistent in naming them, obviously. I have found that using the evo2009mlit tag, the same page appears twice. I think the filing system should use the URL instead of the name, perhaps mentioning “also seen as…” as emule does.

It’s 4 am now, and I have subscribed to Technorati, added the widget to this blog and some other stuff.

Although I have watched the video RSS in Plain English, I still haven’t figured out how to aggregate. It mentions My Yahoo is an option, but  it tells me  “Please enter a valid URL and try again” when I try. I need to read further on the topic.


5 Responses to “Multiliteracies: Week Two”

  1. Vida said

    Great blog, Mariel.


  2. mamez said

    Thank you, Vida.

  3. Hi Mariel,

    Sounds like you need to get some rest. The web can be a very relaxed place. All the information we need is there it seems, like water surging through a firehose, and the trick is to sip from the firehose. We just have to take it easy and take this bit and that and not worry about all the bits that slip by. Like water, spilled information will pass through the cycle and return through the firehose and we’re sure to get it eventually, or get a good drink at any rate and be sustained and better off than if we had not tried to drink at all. Webheads work until it’s time to go to bed and then we sleep. In aggregate we appear to be doing a lot but perhaps what is different with us is only that we document. We find ways of preserving information, tagging it so that others can find it. And we find the breadcrumb trails that others have left for us. When you have a robust network there are many trails to follow. So we all become knowledgeable, but not by systematically working through ALL of it. We take a sip at a time. Relax, one sip at a time, savor …

  4. mamez said

    Thank you, Vance, for such inspiring words, and for all your inspiring work. I’ll try to follow your advice.
    Sorry your comment “waited” so long to be approved while I was away, but the “opener” option I found with wordpress was to moderate only the first time sb posted a comment.
    Thanks again for your generosity.

  5. Amy Meckelborg said

    Thank you Mariel for putting into words much of my own experience with the Multilit EVO session. I only just found your blog. Not sure how I missed it earlier. I too can use Vance’s words of wisdom – I love the drinking from the firehose image. No wonder I feel like I’m drowning!

    I had wondered how I was going to move forward from here and your blog has given me a model I think I can follow. I will see what I can do about putting down a little about what I am discovering on this very hectic EVO path.

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