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Posted by Mariel Amez on January 30, 2009

Three things about TEFL that I think really

I find TEFL both enriching and empowering. You need to know about every conceivable topic. You have to be alert for the subtlest nuance in meaning, for the latest addition to vocabulary, for the hottest turn of phrase in colloquialisms. Finally, you never stop learning about people and their culture. (50 words)


6 Responses to “Minisaga”

  1. Veronica said

    You are so correct, and you have summed it up very well. I find EAP particularly challenging for many instructors–it’s the breadth of knowledge that is required.

  2. mamez said

    Thanks for your feedback, Veronica!

  3. Fereshteh said

    Dear Mariel,
    Your blog is a very nice one and so constructive to me.
    You’re right. I believe that it is when I start teaching, even teaching to kids, that I have just started my LEARNING JOURNEY

  4. mamez said

    Thanks for stopping by, Feresheth.

    When I started my degree course, one professor told me: Your diploma will read, in invisible print, it’s time to start studying. I always remember her words. Teaching is indeed a journey of learning.

  5. Congrats on your new blog, Mariel!

    I’ve added it to my own blogroll so that I can catch up with the intersting stuff at EVO this year since I’m so short of time.

    As regards your previous quote, you told us the same at college and I’ve never forgotten it. Now I can say: I couldn’t agree more! I’ve learned so much since I became a teacher! As MY favorite quote goes: “Teaching is learning twice”

    Hugs, Carla

  6. mamez said

    Thanks, Carla! I love your quote!

    In the same vein, I have heard that real teaching has taken place when the learner outdoes the teacher. I cannot claim to have taught you anything in connection with this, but I do feel very proud to have somehow contributed to your degree education.

    Hugs (and a kiss to Chiara)

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