Reflections on EVO (2009 and later)

My first professional blog


Posted by Mariel Amez on January 31, 2009

I was interested in Yulia’s question in her blog “what is the first association that comes into your head when you see the word ‘Russia'”?

What ideas come to your mind when you hear someone comes from Argentina? I know several fellow countrypeople are around, so please abstain.

On a more general tone, how many different classes do you teach? How many actual f2f  teaching periods do you do a week?  Personally, I work in 3 different institutions. I teach EFL in exam courses (two classes, FCE and CPE) 9 hours a week, and Literature in English in 6 different courses, which amounts to 14 hours a week. I’m also an assistant to Phonology lessons, supervising pronunciation lab work mostly, for about 10 hours a week. That is all f2f: no office hours, no marking or preparation time included – which I do in the small hours or at weekends.

I would really like to hear from you.


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