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Multiliteracies Week Five

Posted by Mariel Amez on February 11, 2009

I am definitely behind schedule now, but worrying less.

Yesterday during the Second Life Elluminate discussion, one of the speakers referred to an article Vance wrote quite some time ago. On pp. 29-30, he refers to the metaphors for communication in

Scollon, Suzanne & Ron Scollon. 1982. RUN TRILOGY: Can Tommy Read? Paper presented at the symposium Children’s response to a literate environment: literacy before schooling, University of Victoria, October 9, 1982.

        These are the conduit and the berry bush. In the former, information is packaged for delivery by an originating entity and passed in linear fashion, as if along a conduit, to a receptor at the other end who receives and processes the information.  (…)  More suitable for CAI is berry-picking, a metaphor the Scollons borrowed from Atabascan culture. In the berry-picking mode of communication, the learner treats information as if it were berries on a bush. The teacher/facilitator arrays the information on the bush, and learners pick and choose what strikes them, stopping when sated and returning to the bush when hungry. (my emphasis)

So that is the firehose metaphor Vance used in his comment. That is exactly what this course is about: a giant bush filled with berries. I will try to pick up as many as possible, but I also need time to taste and digest them. I will change my approach now – besides, my holidays are officially over, and I am going to be short of time. But I can certainly say I have discovered a brave new world with incredible people in it.


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