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Digital materials preparation for TESOL (Week 1)

Posted by Mariel Amez on January 15, 2010

During this EVO 2010 I have also enrolled for another session: Digital material preparation techniques and resources for TESOL professionals.

It is taught on Moodle, with weekly chats on TappedIn. I missed the first chat because I failed to check the platform, believing I would get a notification, but apparently my registration was incomplete, or something of the sort. I must confess I have not quite adapted to Moodle yet.

The Preparation Checklist instructed us to:

Join TappedIn

Become a member of the following free Internet resources:
Ask500People, polling the world
Myna, online audio editor
Scholastic Mini-Dictionary, definition generator
ScreenToaster, online screen capture
VoiceThread, media discussion

Visit the links below to ensure you can view them

Dafont, font repository
Docstoc, professional document sharing
Google Translate, language translation
LexTutor, data-driven learning

Lorem Ipsum, place holder text generator

Microsoft Office Online, office document resources
PDPhoto, copyright free photos
Photobucket, photo sharing resource
Picnik, image-photo editor
Project Gutenburg, copyright free texts

SpellingCity, activities generator
TeacherTube, education video sharing
Vocabgrabber, word list generator
Voki, talking avatar creator
Wikipedia, encyclopedia
Writeboard, wiki
Zamzar, online file conversion

Week one has been about introductions, getting to know the environments (including the Moodle wiki)  and working with images.

I first tried Picnik, and created this:

Our tutor recommended these other Online Photo Manipulation Tools:

Fun Photo Box Specializing in gag effects.

Image Chef Includes video and text art.

PhotoShop Express  Online version of the industry standard software application.

Photo505 More digital FX for photos.

Photofunia And more of the same.

So I played with ImageChef
Beach custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more -

And with Photofunia:

This has really been a lot of fun! I even gave Voki a try, but, of course, it won’t embed in WP, and does not even give me a link!


4 Responses to “Digital materials preparation for TESOL (Week 1)”

  1. Jennifer said

    There is a very nice website to play with web design

    Have fun exploring and creating images for your classroom

  2. John Allan said

    Sadly, you do not have full privileges on this Moodle course as a student. This is why at some point embedding is not going to work for you in some areas as well as other features such as allowing others to view Moodle blogs. These are controlled by the administrators. I have posted a poll for the participants to vote on whether I should turn on the blog features of Moodle at this course.

    The Moodle wiki has been a bit of a disappointment also but we adapted by requesting that participants post to the weekly databases.

    All must appreciate that we have a novice cohort here (with seedings of experts) so we cannot overwhelm the participants with too many options and tools. At this point I feel that there already too many items for the students to deal with. Next week there are 9 or 10 tasks.

    The registration was flawed as I had to move the service provider just before the course started. There is a scripting issue yes. At this point it is risky altering scripts as the course has started but the provider is going to advise me soon. The registration was itemized at the EVO site – but at the bottom of the screen – so may missed the instructions and simply clicked onto the site. If they did this they missed the entry code so they were waiting for an invitation that never came.

    This is our first run at this course and we are working out the issues so that in the future it should be seamless. Your contributions to the course are appreciated and I hope that the rest of the course is fun and useful.

    This is an excellent blog and I will be visiting it often.


    John Allan

  3. Mariel Amez said


    The course is extremely rich and well organised, and your degree of commitment is remarkable. You’re putting in a lot of time and effort and it shows.

    I have discovered there are a number of widgets that won’t embed in WordPress, and I thought that might be the problem in Moodle as well. That’s why I asked.

    Everything covered so far has been both fun and useful, and I’m sure the good stuff will keep coming.

    Thank you for everything you’re doing.



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