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Recording the Ning Fiasco (I)

Posted by Mariel Amez on July 10, 2010

Recovering from the initial shock of Ning closing free networks in mid April, I was gladly surprised to see how many communities set down to work to suggest and analyse alternatives.

I started bookmarking my readings on the topic as and

I also posted a comment at, signed the petition at\
and inserted the link to the petition in the Nings I have created
and the ones I belong to as a member.

I also posted a few messages to the Webheads Yahoo Group.

Then I started  experimenting with mixxt, socialgo & Of course they are all different from Ning, so we should each assess which of the Ning features we valued the most.

Socialgo is the one I liked the least. Too many of the features are only available through a Premium account, and requires separate login for user and admin interface.

I started using with a new class. I had created a Ning site for them shortly before the announcement, so I had no users and little content. So far, I’m not pleased. Even though blogposts can be tagged, the tags are not visible when one reads the post, there is no cloud (which there is for videos & photos), and, most importantly, the search function involves titles, but not tags. Videos can only be embedded from YouTube, MetaCafe & DailyMotion (apparently no Teacher Tube or Vimeo, and no uploading).

I created a mixxt network, but it’s still experimental (no users). I think blogging is a little complicated (users are not issued their own blog upon joining, but need to create it manually before writing the first post – I haven’t fully figured this out yet). The search function does seem first rate, and with a tag cloud on the main page which brings in images, videos, posts, it should be dead easy to track content.

In the meantime, I sent warnings via Ning to last year’s students. And this took us to the end of June.


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