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My E-Portfolio

After looking at a number of e-portfolios and reading some theory on them,  I was leaning towards a conclusion which Dennis today summarised brilliantly:

“even though there’s some general agreement on what an e-portfolio is, the way they look, what they contain, and how they’re structured can actually vary quite a bit “

This post proved extremely reassuring.

I decided that for the time being I would go for the “showcase/ product” type,  following Helen Barrett’s classification, so I am making this blog entry(which includes contemporaneous reflection) the parent page for a chronological display of achievements and goals. I feel I am not ready yet for retrospective reflection, which may come after a while, once I see the “product”  “in the flesh” and have some time to let the learning sink in.

I have found several sites particularly enriching.

  • Nancy A. McKeand’s Professional Portfolio: I find it clear and  easy to follow and I feel identified with many of her remarks. Unlike her, I do not feel the urge for something more dynamic yet, but I must say she has also done a great job of her Pageflakes site. I was also impressed by the Evaluation section, particularly the performance plans and  self-evaluations.
  • Dr Helen Barrett’s website is clearly a comprehensive site to find a wealth of theory, tools and examples, which should be visited and re-visited. Apart from the previous quote, I think the Files for Hands-On Workshops provide a good source of ideas and guidance for future work. I also liked her Portfolio at a Glance, which offers a compendium of artifacts, competencies demonstrated and URLs where they can be found.
  • Cristina Costa’s blog Learning Journey, which she calls a blog, but which in my view fulfils the two faces of e-portfolios. In addition, it blends naturally personal and professional dimensions.
  • Zportfolios, particularly, but not exclusively, the sample in compliance with Professional Standards for Michigan Teachers . This site was recommended by Jennifer Verschoor, and it includes thorough guidance for students, teachers in initial certification conditions and senior teachers.

My first e-portfolio will be organised in three parts:

Experiences before EVO2009

Experiences during EVO2009

Plans and Goals


Note the addition in January 2010 of

4- From EVO 2009 to EVO 2010


5 Responses to “My E-Portfolio”

  1. This is a nice posting on ePortfolios, many links for me to follow and understand the concept more fully. Too bad more in the group did not pursue this so that we could all learn together, but it seems that your personal learning journey has at least launched successfully. Let me know when you have a one-stop place. For me that would be either (Web 1.0 but all inclusive including personal) or</a (which is web 2.0 and mostly professional).

  2. mamez said

    Dear Vance,
    Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and expertise throughout the course, and for your constant encouragement. I do regret too that such a limited number of members were able to show how they profited from this enriching experience and from the co-moderators guidance, but I’m sure they were all Listening to Understand and Reactivate Knowledge, and they have started or continued their journeys in better shape thanks to the experience.

  3. Amy Meckelborg said

    Very Nice e-Portfolio Mariel,

    And thank you for including all those links about e-Portfolios. I’ve been struggling getting mine together – the balancing of the two faces of e-Portfolios is the issue. A good example for me of how hard it can be to write when you don’t have a clear idea of your audience or your purpose. I won’t give up though.

    Wow, you were busy during the EVO courses. It looks like you tried out a lot of tools and were busy applying them to your work at the same time. Now we have a year to digest all those berries we picked and get good and hungry for the harvest next year, right?

    I hope you keep posting to your blog. I’ll be reading:)

  4. Mariel said

    Thanks, Amy! You have worked very hard, too!
    As you have probably noticed, I haven’t been working on this blog lately – not even checking it, shame on me.
    I do have a bucketful of berries to pick from for a whole year – and probably longer.

  5. Mariel, I’m fascinated by your blog. For the last couple of hours, I’ve been having a most enriching and inspiring journey navigating it, following the well-chosen links for eportfolios (something I definitely need to explore more), revelling in your reading of “How do I love thee”, and admiring the job you’ve done with your students. A fantastic, clearly organized portfolio!

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