Reflections on EVO (2009 and later)

My first professional blog

1- Experiences before EVO2009

 My experiences with blended learning started in 2005 when, tired of sending emails that bounced, I started a Yahoo Group for 4th Year students in the Teacher Education Programme at a state college.

The description I wrote then ran

“This group is meant for the Literature in English III students at IES “O. Cossettini” in Rosario, Argentina. It is meant to contribute to the distribution and sharing of information and activities pertaining to the class.”
It soon grew into something much larger. Towards the end of the year, some of the students enquired about “the future” of the group.  I said I intended to remove them to give way to the students in 2006. Oh, no, they wouldn’t hear of leaving the group. True, some never again took a look at it, but several welcomed the new students and from time to time commented on their contributions or added a link or some news they thought we would find interesting.


 The group is still active to date, as you can see from the summary above. We have had forums and  polls, students have posted comments, and uploaded files and, as I often tell them, they have been able to practise some essential skills in a sheltered environment.

Another surprise for me was when I asked students to imagine a film version of one of the books we had read had just been made, and to create a trailer for it. Someone asked whether a PPP was all right, and this is one example from 2007.


Also in 2007 I started a similar group for another class, in a private college, but the following year the institution started using a platform, so I migrated to it.

Of course, access is restricted, but you can see some screenshots below 


And a sample of one of the forums:


You can follow this link if the presentation does not load properly.

By 2008 I had two Yahoo Groups working (2nd and 4th Year) and two virtual classrooms (at the private college).

In mid-2008 the Ministry of Education made available similar platforms to all state colleges, so I started a classroom for my Literature class in the Translation Programme – who had been neglected so far.



In this classroom I inadvertently left the Chat section open although I didin’t intend to use it. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the students were using it themselves, without being directed to it!

An so we get to my Experiences during EVO 2009.


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