Reflections on EVO (2009 and later)

My first professional blog

2- Experiences during EVO2009

 One of  my first undertakings after signing up for EVO2009 was to start designing a wiki for my FCE class.

I chose pbwiki because it was being used by both the Multiliteracies and the Collaborative Writing groups, and added a Cboard chat board following Berta’s advice.

I have many doubts as regards how it will work. Will the students be willing to take part? Will they have accessibility issues? – there is no computer lab at the language school where I will use it. Will I be able to cope with the required follow up?

Check out below for a sample of the wiki:

In addition to writing to both Yahoo Groups (see sidebar for links),  I started contributing to those wikis and to the Multiliteracies Ning.

I created a Ning – not fully operational yet – to give my students at Teacher Education programmes a glimpse of social networks even if they work with institutional platforms. I even managed to customise the front page and tabs.


But it is this blog which reflects most of my achievements so far. I had designed a couple of simple blogs before, on Blogspot and Edublogs, but they were exercises rather than projects.  I had opened a Delicious account, but never tagged “organically”.

Let me list some of the tools I have put to use. 

  • I included a Blogroll for many of the interesting blogs I got to know through the interaction in EVO2009.
  • I created screenshots and slideshows and inserted them in my blog.
  • I played with Wordle, and discovered it can be very useful for my Literature classes.
  • I opened a  Twitter account and claimed my blog at Technorati.
  • I inserted widgets for Add This, Technorati, Delicious, Twitter, and Feedjit. I became a frantic tagger on Delicious, let me add, though only tweeted occasionally and without much substance.
  • I finally understood how RSS feeds work, and inserted several in the sidebars – including Twitter search for #evo2009mlit.

 In addition, I learnt how to create Tiny URLs, and how to use  Google Reader and Google Blog Search.

An exciting experience was entering my blog and finding it had received many international visits:


One of the highlights of the Multiliteracies session was when Amy requested help with Mobile Learning, and in next to no time an Elluminate session was arranged both for her Canadian class and us. Turn to her blog for her account of the process.

Asked to summarise my first experience at EVO, I must say I truly felt part of a community of practice, and will be forever grateful to all participants and moderators for lending me a helping hand and encouraging me to experiment, create and grow – both professionally and personally – at all times.

Check out my Plans and Goals


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