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3- Plans and Goals

My long -term goal is to become a Multiliterate Teacher, as defined in the original proposal for Multiliteracies for Social Networking and Collaborative Learning Environments 

“A multiliterate teacher understands the many ways that technology interacts and intertwines with academic and interpersonal life, and actively learns how to gain control over those aspects impacting teaching, social, and professional development. Multiliterate individuals are aware of the pitfalls inherent in technology while striving for empowerment through effective strategies for first discerning and then taking advantage of those aspects of changing technologies most appropriate to their situations. These strategies include managing, processing, and interpreting a constant influx of information, filtering what is useful, and then enhancing the learning environment with the most appropriate applications.”

In order to achieve this goal, during 2009 I intend to:

  • Implement my Wiki and Ning with my students, assessing potentialities and pitfalls.
  • Review the lectures delivered during EVO2009.
  • Go through some of the evo2009mlit bookmarks on Delicious.
  • Do some research into connectivism and e-portfolios.
  • Develop my reflection skills, and post periodically to this blog or another designed to that purpose.
  • Explore some of the following tools, bearing in mind they are not the end but the means to enhance learning:

 A big thank you to everyone! Listen here.


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