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Working with sound: Podomatic

Posted by Mariel Amez on February 9, 2010

While trying unsuccessfully to upload an audio file in another post, I remembered last year I had managed to do so in My E-Portfolio: 3- Plans and Goals, so I checked, and discovered  I had only included a link to Podomatic. Looking for an embed code for WordPress, which was not available, I created this post directly. I then added this introductory paragraph from the WP dashboard.

The recording below was made about a year ago, at the end of Multiliteracies 2009.


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Working with photos

Posted by Mariel Amez on February 6, 2010

I’ve been silent for a while because I was away on holiday. I travelled to Colombia: Cartagena de Indias and the island of San Andres.

I have owned a digital camera for about a year, and never really sat down to work out what to do with the photos. As part of EVO 2010 I decided to learn a little while reminiscing about the wonderful days spent in these dreamlike locations.

First of all, with Windows Live Photo Gallery (which I discovered was installed on my netbook) I set out to enhance the pictures: I removed shadows, added sharpness, cropped some “unwanted participants” out of the photos.  I used Corel Photo-Paint (also lying dormant on my hard disk) to blur the faces of every person appearing in crowd scenes.   Then I tagged, named and rated the hundred photos I had taken, and  found out that WLPG would directly export pictures  to my Flickr account, where I created two albums, one for each location, with a selection of the higher rated photos.

I had used Flickr before, but resented the impossibility to embed in WordPress blogs (only linking is allowed). Looking at Michael‘s  “Journey of Light” blog, I had the idea of inserting a thumbnail together with the link, which would improve the effect.


See Cartagena slideshow.




See San Andres slideshow.


After that, I turned to Slide to go on experimenting. It turns out it’s much easier to “borrow” pictures from Flickr than to upload them again, which is possible as long as they have been marked as “Public”. I created a Funpix (click to see it), using as many tools as possible (Glitter Text, Effects, Skins, Themes).

Slide seems quite similar to Picnik Flickr‘s default individual photo editor. The main difference seems to be that, unlike Slide, Picnik does not require an account and  allows you to download  your creation. I had tried other editors for DMPT, as I recorded here.  

Finally, I created this “fun” slideshow complete with music and all (skins, themes, effects) on Slide, which does provide a WordPress code – provided you are working in English, but not if your language is Spanish.

I really need to start catching up with the sessions, but I feel I have learnt quite a lot through these picture selections.

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Finishing Week One

Posted by Mariel Amez on January 17, 2010

I wrote a post on the Multiliteracies Ning yesterday, and after tweeting about it discovered that all the Ning activity is not restricted to members, which I thought it was.

I joined Technology Integration in Education , updated my page, started following them on Twitter and joined their Diigo group.  I also joined some groups on The Educator’s PLN and contributed to a discussion. I included RSS feeds for the latest activity of both Nings in my recently developed Pageflakes.

While writing this post I uninstalled the Diigo toolbar, tired of the crashing of all my IE windows. Il try Diigolet later.

As part of Digital Material Preparation for TESOL, I became acquainted with Dvolver MovieMaker, and experimented with it. (Of course, no embedding in WP!)

Week 2 on DMPT is about Text-based materials production. We were introduced, for example,  to dafont (free downloadable fonts), Compleat Lexical Tutor (concordancer), Lorem Ipsum (Dummy text generator Resource). It’s really exciting. Below is one of my assignments:

I have hurried through some of these tasks because I will be unable to post or work for a few days now, but I’m happy with the tools and articles I have discovered so far, and with the growth of my PLN.

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Digital materials preparation for TESOL (Week 1)

Posted by Mariel Amez on January 15, 2010

During this EVO 2010 I have also enrolled for another session: Digital material preparation techniques and resources for TESOL professionals.

It is taught on Moodle, with weekly chats on TappedIn. I missed the first chat because I failed to check the platform, believing I would get a notification, but apparently my registration was incomplete, or something of the sort. I must confess I have not quite adapted to Moodle yet.

The Preparation Checklist instructed us to:

Join TappedIn

Become a member of the following free Internet resources:
Ask500People, polling the world
Myna, online audio editor
Scholastic Mini-Dictionary, definition generator
ScreenToaster, online screen capture
VoiceThread, media discussion

Visit the links below to ensure you can view them

Dafont, font repository
Docstoc, professional document sharing
Google Translate, language translation
LexTutor, data-driven learning

Lorem Ipsum, place holder text generator

Microsoft Office Online, office document resources
PDPhoto, copyright free photos
Photobucket, photo sharing resource
Picnik, image-photo editor
Project Gutenburg, copyright free texts

SpellingCity, activities generator
TeacherTube, education video sharing
Vocabgrabber, word list generator
Voki, talking avatar creator
Wikipedia, encyclopedia
Writeboard, wiki
Zamzar, online file conversion

Week one has been about introductions, getting to know the environments (including the Moodle wiki)  and working with images.

I first tried Picnik, and created this:

Our tutor recommended these other Online Photo Manipulation Tools:

Fun Photo Box Specializing in gag effects.

Image Chef Includes video and text art.

PhotoShop Express  Online version of the industry standard software application.

Photo505 More digital FX for photos.

Photofunia And more of the same.

So I played with ImageChef
Beach custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more -

And with Photofunia:

This has really been a lot of fun! I even gave Voki a try, but, of course, it won’t embed in WP, and does not even give me a link!

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