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Finishing Week One

Posted by Mariel Amez on January 17, 2010

I wrote a post on the Multiliteracies Ning yesterday, and after tweeting about it discovered that all the Ning activity is not restricted to members, which I thought it was.

I joined Technology Integration in Education , updated my page, started following them on Twitter and joined their Diigo group.  I also joined some groups on The Educator’s PLN and contributed to a discussion. I included RSS feeds for the latest activity of both Nings in my recently developed Pageflakes.

While writing this post I uninstalled the Diigo toolbar, tired of the crashing of all my IE windows. Il try Diigolet later.

As part of Digital Material Preparation for TESOL, I became acquainted with Dvolver MovieMaker, and experimented with it. (Of course, no embedding in WP!)

Week 2 on DMPT is about Text-based materials production. We were introduced, for example,  to dafont (free downloadable fonts), Compleat Lexical Tutor (concordancer), Lorem Ipsum (Dummy text generator Resource). It’s really exciting. Below is one of my assignments:

I have hurried through some of these tasks because I will be unable to post or work for a few days now, but I’m happy with the tools and articles I have discovered so far, and with the growth of my PLN.


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Week 1 2010: PLNs

Posted by Mariel Amez on January 12, 2010

I think I started reading Vance Steven’s post about four hours ago, and I had decided to go straight ahead to Pegrum’s chapter to make my first post for Multiliteracies 2010 , but, just like Vance describes in Reflections on how we learn through networks, with particular infotention to the multiliteracy of new media (which I retweeted), I have done so many other things “in between” that here I am, overwhelmed already. So the “many lenses” will have to wait a while.

I got to that Posterous post through a comment made by Elizabeth on the Ning, and that allowed me to discover that you can retweet from Posterous. Kim Cofino’s extract mentioned by Vance, where a number of strategies to start your PLN are outlined, was somehow linked to a promotional email I received in the meantime, which I believe can be useful for others:

Another email arriving more or less at the time led me to discover Spezify (which I retweeted as well), before I had finished reading the article Modeling Social Media in Groups, Communities, and Networks, started at some point before.

Looking for the source of Jennifer’s Using Text messaging in the ESL classrrom I stumbled upon a good site for teaching Romeo and Juliet (ideas and lesson plans), and somehow found myself searching for Hanna’s poll. And all along I was tagging pages on Delicious.

Conclusions?  PLNs or CoPs or whichever term we coin to call them are essential to find our way in the maze of resources available for professional growth these days. Just as it is essential to experience this quest for learning “in the flesh” and to enable students (especially those in teacher education) to do so during their in-service training. Which by the way is connected to what I mentioned in a lecture and in the final paper for the “Maestros en Tecnologias” course.

Echoes, echoes, echoes… And pipes more important than the content within them …

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Microblogging (Part II)

Posted by Mariel Amez on February 9, 2009

I was going through Cristina Costa’s slideshare presentation, and I noticed that the following was listed among her favourites:

I’m including it here to remind myself  of the potentialities. 

At Jennifer’s suggestion I have also included a link to my Twitter account in the homepage to this blog.

I feel I need to explore other tools before getting deeper into Microblogging.  But let’s see where the journey takes me.


Part III (Februry 15th)

I found this presentation through Vance’s blog or delicious account (I’m not sure), and I loved it!

I’m going to follow the example of Historical Tweets to adapt to Literature lessons. What would Nick tweet Jordan after talking to Gatsby in Daisy’s garden? Examples would be endless…

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Multiliteracies: Microblogging

Posted by Mariel Amez on February 1, 2009

I started reading on this topic from the Multiliteracies Ning forum, which enabled me to take a look at Jennifer’s blogpost and the wiki that Claudia recommended.

Somehow, I got to this other interesting blog post, with links, experiences and suggestions, and that led me to a teacher’s account of an experience with Twitter in the classroom, including quotes from students, before reading Vance’s.

The article Microblogging and Relevancy mentions

it could be argued that if information is not provided to students in a meaningful way, the students may or may not really grasp or understand the intention of the instructor.

This should be a paramount consideration. I dare say all my sts use text messaging, but I wonder how many are acquainted with Twitter. It is a fact many of them barely use their email account, and do not blog for personal reasons. So I believe we should tread softly, so as not to overwhelm them with technology. As Alan Lew puts it,

I think I had a higher number of student drop my university class last semester when they saw all the social software things I was going to introduce in the class. It worked for those who stayed with me (…)

After all this “reading about”, I felt it was time to have the hands-on experience, so I signed up for Twitter and started following some of the people here.

I’m stopping now. If you keep track of my contributions today, you’ll find I have been at it for 7 hours non-stop. I really need to get down to some housework…

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